The Tragically Hip Collection

Discover Authentic, Licensed Fine Art Live Music Photography

Experience the magic of live music with LiveArt's captivating Fine Art Photographs, featuring iconic concert moments that are Officially Authorized and Licensed.

Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
Each exquisite print comes in a Limited Edition, complete with a Hand Embossed Print Number for a touch of uniqueness.

Certified Quality with Embossed Seal
Our Fine Art Prints boast an Embossed Seal, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

Matching Numbered Authentic Laminate
To further guarantee their exclusivity, many of our prints include an Authentic Laminate with matching print numbers, as indicated.

In-House Printing & Packaging
We take pride in our in-house printing and packaging process, ensuring that every piece of art meets the highest standards.

Officially Authorized & Licensed
LiveArt's Fine Art Prints are Authorized and Licensed, offering you peace of mind in your purchase.

Complimentary Shipping in North America
Enjoy Free Shipping across North America, making our Fine Art Live Music Photographs an even more irresistible addition to your collection.