LiveART Music Images

Keeping Music Memories Forever.

LiveART images are fully licensed, Fine Art Limited Edition Photographic Prints.

Printed on Archival paper using UltraChrome HDX Ink they are available in two sizes. 13 x 19 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches.

EVERY Image is Printed, Inspected, Packed and Shipped by our own hands. We take responsibility for the entire process and our goal is to deliver the highest quality images to Keep Your Music Memories Forever.

Our Limited Edition releases  are printed on Archival quality paper using UltraChrome HDX Ink

Each Limited Edition 13 x 19 print has

  • been embossed with the Photographers name and the LiveArt seal
  • been embossed with a print number. (which we do the old fashioned way - by hand stamp and for the numbers a set of number punches and a small hammer.)
  • a protective sheet of unbuffered, acid-free, translucent, Glassine paper to protect its surface
  • an Official Print Laminate with a matching number to the print and a unique authenticity code - which matches to each individual print and can be used on our website to confirm an image's authenticity and print information
  • Numbers have been randomized for distribution
  • A set of 35 numbered Artist Prints have been made for each series.
  • Both JAWS and Kingston Goodnight 8.5 x 11 Limited Edition Prints come with a laminate
All of our images
  • Use Exhibition Quality Papers.
  • Epson Certified Inks using UltraChrome HDX pigment ink technology
  • Are dried and allowed to off-gas for 24 hours before being being packaged
  • Have extra protection for shipping


    We designed the packaging specifically to protect your image during shipping and to give you a place to store it safely -  if you happen to be one of those. The Photo Pouch - which our box guy "Mitch" calls a wrap - which I think diminishes the thought that went into it - can go right on the shelf with your other collectables - it's not fancy, but it is practical and will keep your image protected and safe.

    Each image comes in an Archival Safe, Resealable bag for protection with a cardboard backing board. This goes into our Photo Pouch, which goes into a box for shipping.
    Delivery Times: Because I am not always home, production & delivery can take  4-6 weeks (Canada & United States). If you are in a rush etc., please let me know and I will do my best to expediate your order fulfillment.

    However - I am home because of the pandemic and orders will be fulfilled as quickly as I can - usually in a couple of days.